my history.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I spent much of my childhood copying artwork from video game magazines, comic books, and graphic design clothing. It was not until my pursuit of animation did I fall in love with the fine arts world.

I was challenged by a senior in my first year to recreate an Old Masters work. I chose The Delphic Sybil, a woman from Michelangelo's sistine Chapel. And I've never looked back since.

Much of my work evolved from this challenge.

I am now creating post-modern narrative approaches. I use a collaboration of painting techniques, while simultaneously infusing both historical artworks, allowing re-imagined interpretations and new fables to emerge. 

exhibition involvement

2015: Endeavour I & II, Art Square Gallery 2015: Bazaar's Bratlist, The Super Wonder Gallery 2015: Cocoon Launch Party, OUT/AUT Gallery of Modern Art 2015: The Billion Dollar War Show, The Super Wonder Gallery  2016: Festival of the Body, The Great Hall, OCAD University 2016: Why The @#&! Do You Paint?: Go Figure, The Gladstone Hotel 2017: GradEx 102: OCAD University's Annual Graduate Exhibition 2018: Artist Project, UNTAPPED, The Better Living Centre  2018: Elaine Fleck Catalogue, Winter Edition 2018: Duo Show with Matt Thomas, Elaine Fleck Fine Art Gallery  2019: THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0 English, digital display


2020: Artist Project Art Fair, Better Living Centre

media and community

2013: Children's Mural, Al-Rasool Islamic School 2014: Selected work on display, Chris Nolan's Open Kitchen  2014-15 : PowerKids Volunteer, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery 2015Good Bad Girl in Street Voices Magazine, issue #2 2015-16: Selected works, Vino Rosso Restaurant 2018A Letter from the Other Side in Aesthetica Magazine, Spring '18 Issue 2018: Selected works used for television, Shadowlands 2019: Selected works used for short film, Retrograde

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